Things to do in Tyler During the Weekend

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If you’ve never been to Tyler, Texas, or you’re just a Tyler resident looking for something to do this weekend, look no further. This beautiful city has a range of attractions, parks, and delicious food spots. 

Knowing where to begin your adventure can be challenging, especially if you’re not a local. Tyler comprises several places of interest like McClendon house, one of the famous historic homes.

This is where we come in and guide you on a complete list of things you must do in Tyler. This article will get your adventure off on the right foot. It has many things you can do in Tyler for an all-day adventure.

Different Parts of Tyler, Texas

Tyler is a city consisting of several parts. Each of these parts has its attractions to offer to ensure you have a good time while you are there. The city comprises:

  • Downtown Tyler: If you have never been to Downtown Tyler, you must try it. The places and activities in Downtown Tyler are unique. You can also go shopping in Downtown Tyler. Other activities in Downtown Tyler include visiting famous theaters like Liberty Hall.
  • Briarwood: a beautiful rural area where you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, walking trails, and more. If you are looking for a place with limited traffic, then Briarwood is a place for you. 
  • South Tyler: South Tyler is one of the most popular areas in the city. This part consists of a restaurant and a steak house. You can enjoy watching basketball or going for a walk in this area.
  • North Tyler: this section of the city is rich with culture and history, with protected buildings and gorgeous, walkable neighborhoods.
  • East Tyler: If you’re looking for shopping and dining, then East Tyler is a great place to visit with its abundance of restaurants.

About Tyler

To the locals, Tyler is a place for fun and adventure. The area hosts some of the best schools, like Tyler Junior College and the Center for Earth & Space Science Education. 

The great city has its location in the middle of East Texas and is close to great cities like Houston and Dallas. Most individuals know it as the Rose Capital of the United States. You will find many rose bushes lined and well-maintained in Tyler Municipal Rose Garden.

The city occupies an area of about 140.8 km² and has a total population of about 107,815. The weather here is also quite pleasant year-round, with an average temperature between 24.93 °C and 27.39 °C.

The average cost of living in TX is around $4,142.27 per month. Although this may seem a lot, Texas has many things to offer, and a local knows just how worth it is to live in Texas. If you’re a local, you know the best neighborhoods around Tyler.

But if you are considering moving somewhere else in Texas, you can sell a house faster in Tyler because we buy houses Texas homeowners are selling. Many cash home buyers in Longview are on the lookout for houses in Tyler. 

COVID-19 Restrictions in Tyler, TX

In Tyler, individuals need to cover themselves with masks when they are in a public place.

In addition, local governments have put other measures to eradicate the virus threat. Such measures include quarantine, safekeeping and isolation, and point of entry checkpoints.

These measures are put in place to ensure that the citizens of Tyler remain protected at all times, thus allowing the local, state, and federal governments to deal with the pandemic threat in Tyler.

Things To Do in Tyler

Not sure what to do when you visit Tyler, TX? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Visiting historic attractions: Tyler is rich in history. And if you want to understand and appreciate this culture, then visiting the historical attractions like the rose museum and the historic aviation memorial museum would be of great essence.
  • Taking in nature: Tyler is home to green lands. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and hiking trails, get along and enjoy the green fields in Tyler. 
  • Visiting museums: Tyler museums like Goodman-LeGrand house museum and discovery science place have a lot to offer if you want to learn about Tyler’s history.
  • Visiting the Rose Garden: This garden is one of the things you should do if you visit Tyler. The garden offers beautiful scenery.
  • Visiting the Tyler Art Festival: This is where you can have fun and enjoy the performances of different artists.
  • Biking through Tyler Park: Tyler Park is a great place where you can enjoy a bike ride through different areas of the park.
  • Kayaking and boating: If you want to experience these activities, you should visit the best kayaking and boating spots in Tyler, for instance, Lake Tyler.
  • Visiting the restaurants: Tyler restaurants offer excellent services and foods worth trying. 
  • Interactive family fun: Tyler offers many fun activities for the family to enjoy, like exploring trails, e.g., Azalea and spring flower trail, or visiting a famous water park or fishing pond.
  • Shopping: The city provides the best shopping and dining opportunities in Texas.

Shopping in Tyler

Tyler is an excellent place for shopping, from the Rose Nurseries to Shopping Centers like Broadway mall to Local Boutiques and Antique and Resale, Tyler has a wealth of shopping opportunities to offer you. 

If you want the classic mall experience, then North Park Center is the right place for you.

Other shopping areas in Tyler include South Park Center, south of Tyler. The mall houses many great shops, and you can enjoy visiting them and shopping for your favorite items.

The city also houses your favorite gift shop, several small boutiques, and stores selling different items. If you are looking for a place where you can go to get the latest fashion trends and enjoy a good time, then visit The Avenue Tyler.

Partying in Tyler

Tyler is home to most of Texas’s best bars and nightclubs. These places offer drink specials from the best distillery, free food, and fun events.

You can enjoy fantastic specialty drinks while enjoying the sports and live music.

Everyone in Tyler has fun in the bars and clubs of Tyler. This is an excellent place for young people as well as older people.

Coffee Shops in Tyler

Tyler also has some of the best coffee shops in Texas. Each coffee shop will provide you with exceptional services and excellent drinks. Here is a list of some of the best coffee shops in Tyler.

  • The Foundry Coffee House: The Foundry is a great place to go to and enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to great music.
  • The Coco Bean: This shop is known for its unique blends of coffee. You can also enjoy some sandwiches and desserts while in this place.
  • Big Shot Coffee House: This is a great coffee shop that serves a wide range of coffee blends.
  • Brady’s Coffee House: this beautiful coffee shops offers home-made blends and delicious smoothies
  • Coffee City USA: This is one of the places you must visit if you love having coffee. The shop offers some of the best coffee blends and is a great place to hang out with friends.

Best Lunchtime Spots in Tyler

A couple looking at each other while having lunch at one of the best lunchtime spots in Tyler, Texas

The city of Tyler also has some of the best lunchtime spots. And if you are looking for a place where you can have good food and a nice drink, then these places will be great for you.

  • Kiepersol Restaurant: If you want a good beer and a hearty meal while you watch the game at the bar, look no further.
  • Jucy’s Hamburgers: If you love burgers, this is one of the places you should visit in Tyler. The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional and specialty burgers worth trying.
  • Rick’s on The Square: Located in the heart of Tyler, this is an excellent place for your favorite meals and cocktails while listening to live music.
  • Fd’s Grill House and Bar: This restaurant is a great place to go to and enjoy bbq and grill dining in Texas. It offers specialties from local and American cuisines.
  • Aspen Creek Grill: This restaurant is one of Tyler’s best places to visit. It offers American cuisine. The food is excellent, and you will have a great time dining there.
  • Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue: You can enjoy the best bbq and drinks in Tyler in this place. The bbq is worth trying and is an excellent place for friends to hang out.

Best Parks in Tyler

The city of Tyler has many parks to explore if you’re trying to spend your day outside in nature!

  • Caldwell Zoo: The Caldwell Zoo is a great place to visit in Tyler, with many animals like giraffes you can enjoy watching. It also offers a fantastic zoo shopping experience.
  • Tyler Rose Garden: This historic landmark is a place you will enjoy visiting. There are many exotic and beautiful roses in the Tyler Rose Garden. It is also in this garden where the texas rose festival begins annually.
  • Tyler State Park: The Tyler State Park is a great place to visit if you love hiking, exploring biking trails, picnicking and more. The park gives you an excellent time and has all the essentials you need to have fun. Another park that gives a similar experience is Bergfeld park.
  • Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary: This is the place to visit if you love big cats. The Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary is a great place to visit with many animals and birds.
  • Children’s Park: This park is an excellent place to visit with your family and kids. The park has great playgrounds and amusement parks that you can enjoy while having fun. You will have a great time at the Children’s Park.
  • Faulkner Park: This is another beautiful park in Tyler that you must visit. It has all the amenities to provide you with a great time.

Best Walks To Do on the Weekend in Tyler

If you love to have a good time on the weekends in Tyler, TX 75702, then these are some of the best walks you can visit.

  • Tyler Museum of Art: The museum offers different activities you can participate in and enjoy. For a similar experience, visit the cotton belt depot museum to enjoy memorabilia on the local railroad.
  • Tyler State Park: this beautiful park is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Tyler Rose Garden: This beautiful garden offers habitats for many beautiful and exotic flowers.
  • Camp Ford: Historical enthusiasts can’t miss this memorable civil war location, which is open to the public and offers tours.


Tyler is one of the best cities in Texas to visit. The city has many things to offer you, and it provides some of the best experiences in life that you will enjoy.

This is a great place to go shopping, and you will like the many choices available in Tyler. This is also a fantastic place if you are looking for some of the best bars and clubs. In addition, there are many fantastic picnic areas, restaurants, and coffee shops where you can have excellent food and drinks.

The city of Tyler also has some of the best parks to visit on the weekend. You can find great walks in Tyler, like visiting a planetarium that provides you with the best experience in life. In short, if you are looking for the best place to visit in Texas, then Tyler is an excellent option.

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