15 Things You Must Do In Tyler, TX When You Get The Chance

Aerial view of a residential area in Tyler, TX

The Lone Star State has a lot of things to offer, but one of its best-hidden gems is The City Of Tyler. Located in East Texas, the city has a lot of beautiful places to see and fun things to do. Here are some that should add to the list of places you plan on visiting while you’re on your getaway.x

About Tyler TX

Tyler is a large Texan city with a population of 105,859. It is located in Smith County and ranks as one of the best locations to live in Texas. It’s an idyllic suburban city that’s safe and convenient. There are tons of coffee shops and parks in Tyler. 

Tyler is home to many families and young professionals, so it’s the best of both worlds. The average cost of living in TX is about $4,142.17 per month for a family of 4. So when considering TX most expensive home sales, Tyler houses will be more affordable than in cities like Dallas and Houston.

Fun Facts About Tyler TX

Tyler is an exciting place to visit for many reasons. Here are some fun facts you should know!

  • Tyler is one of the world’s largest sources of rose bushes, earning its nickname as the Rose Capital of America.
  • The city is get’s its name from President John Tyler.
  • It’s home to the legendary Tyler Tap Railroad.
  • There is a University Of Texas location in Tyler.
  • Tyler is the primary medical center in East Texas.

Best Things to Do in Tyler TX

Front view of a mother with two children on a zoo in Tyler, TX

It’d be impossible to list all the activities you can do in Tyler, but these are a few of the best things you can do during your stay in the city.

See Cute Animals At The Caldwell Zoo

You must put Caldwell Zoo on your to-do list if you love animals. The zoo has several different habitats, so you’ll be able to see several animals in their natural habitats. 

Caldwell Zoo also offers fun activities like giraffe feeding, a petting zoo, and a playground. After you’ve enjoyed a day of watching and playing with animals, you can grab some refreshments at the Chakula Café.

Visit The Orchestra 

The East Texas Symphony Orchestra has been putting on incredible performances since its doors first opened in 1936. 

Along with these performances, the orchestra interacts with the community in several other ways, including hosting family programming, private chamber performances, multimedia presentations, masterclasses, lectures, and informal get-togethers across the city.

It’s worth visiting, even if you aren’t an Orchestra fan.

Visit The Goodman-Legrand House And Museum 

If you’d like a blast from the past, visit Goodman-Legrand House, located on Broadway. The house has authentic antique pictures, furniture, and other memorabilia that allow you to step back in time. And the best part is that they offer free admission.

Stargaze At The The Earth And Space Science Center

The Earth And Space Science Center is a state-of-the-art planetarium that you need to experience. They had East Texas’s first 40’ Spitz nano-seam domed theater and currently have several interactive exhibits and displays that will make you feel like you’re on a trip through outer space.

The Center for Earth & Space is located on the Tyler Junior College campus and does a great job with space science education.

Learn From Smith County Historical Society

Texan history has a rich history that deserves to be preserved. In 1959 a group of Smith County natives came together and decided to dedicate themselves to preserving every piece of their county’s history they could. 

The result is the Camp Ford Historical Park, an incredible museum that hosts the Twentieth Century of Progress as a part of its permanent collection. 

Tyler Museum Of Art

The Tyler Museum of Art is a place that both Texan natives and tourists enjoy. It has a fantastic reputation and is accredited by the American Association of Museums.

The museum has a great permanent collection, but what makes it truly unique is its traveling exhibitions that strive to celebrate Texan culture. 

Watch A Movie At Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall is on a mission to make the arts an integral part of downtown Tyler. They provide live music, comedy shows, and showings of classical films. It’s been a cultural staple for East Texans since 130.

Historic Aviation Memorial Museum

Tyler Pounds Regional Airport has a multimedia theater, library, and gift shop. If you’re a fan of planes, then you’ll love it.

Cotton Belt Depot Museum

The Cotton Belt Route, or “Cotton Belt,” is the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company. It’s a former Class I railroad that ran from 1891 to 1980 throughout some southern states.

The Cotton Belt Museum Showcases memorabilia such as train layouts and model trains. They offer free admission.

Whitaker-Mcclendon House

The Whitaker-Mcclendon House previously belonged to Mattie and Harrison Wgitakker. Maddie was the daughter of Supreme Court Judge Bonner. The house was built on land she received as a wedding gift from him.

It’s currently preserved as a living museum, but that’s not the only thing that makes the house fascinating. Some say members of the Mcclendon family haunt it, so if you’re interested in history or horror, you should check it out!

Tyler Rose Museum

Roses are essential to Tyler’s history and economy, which is why The Tyler Texas Rose Festival is such a big event. The Tyler Rose Museum showcases and preserves the history of the rose industry in the city and the history of the Rose Festival. It’s a beautiful place that most people enjoy.

Go To The Tyler Texas Rose Festival

Speaking of the Tyler Texas Rose Festival, that’s another event that you don’t want to miss! Residents dress up in beautiful costumes and participate in several traditional ceremonies while roses bloom around them.

Texas Rose Horse Park

The Texas Rose Horse Park is a horse lover’s dream. It’s over 1700 acres and features six outdoor show arenas optimized for all kinds of weather, a full-sized indoor arena, a massive barn, and much more.

In addition to horse-related events, the horse park also hosts other events, like dog shows.

Try Some Drink At A Brewery Or Distillery 

Tyler has a lot of incredible breweries for you to visit. You get to learn about the liquor-making process and taste the finished results!

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

The Tyler Creek Wildlife Refuge will be a treat for you if you’re a cat lover. It’s a preserve specifically for big cats, like lions, leopards, and tigers, who have been previously abused or displaced.

They have a lot of education opportunities, like an outreach program for children with special needs, internship opportunities, and education opportunities about genetic research.

Best National Parks in Tyler TX

If you’re interested in biking, hiking, or any other outdoor activities, Tyler has a wealth of parks for you to explore. 

Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park is massive. It has over 1500 acres and countless activities. They have several walking trails, hiking trails, a small waterfall, cabins, boat rentals, workshops, and more. It’s a park the whole family can enjoy because they have playgrounds, play areas, and more.

Faulkner Park

If you like outdoor sports, you should visit Faulkner park. They have a skate park, batting cages, a softball field, and a tennis facility. There is also a pond, a fishing pond, pavilions, and sprayground nature rails.

The Children’s Park

The playground in Children’s Park is the perfect location for families with children. It offers your children an inclusive space where they can play and exercise. Some of the park’s activities include Three different swings, a roller slide, a four-seat seesaw, and more.

Bergfeld Park

Bergfeld is another place that’s perfect for families. There’s a playground, tennis court, and an amphitheater where you can plan movie nights and other events. The park’s highlight is its Dolphin Fountain sprayground, affectionately called the Splasher,

Pollard Park

Pollard Park is stunning. It has several gardens for you to enjoy, making it the perfect space to relax and clear your head. There are many trees to sit under and a picnic area.

The park is also child friendly, with a playground accommodating older and younger children.

Famous Sights to See in Tyler TX

If you want to go sightseeing or snap the perfect Instagram picture, then these are the spots you should check out.

Azalea Trails

If you’re in Tyler during March, you should drive through the Azalea Trails. The blooms are stunning and undoubtedly worth seeing. Just make sure to check if the blooms are in season.

Tyler Rose Garden

Your trip to Tyler wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Tyler Rose Gardens. There are over 500 types of roses, and over 35,000 rose bushes. You can enjoy the blooms all year round, but they peak in May and October.

Lee’s Daffodil Garden

Roses might be Tyler’s main attraction, but M, Lee’s Daffodil Garden is just as stunning. The farm has over 28 acres of land for you to explore. It also has a log cabin and two lakes.


Tyler is a great place to visit or live. At Texas Land and Home, we buy houses Jacksonville sellers are trying to sell. We know all the cash home buyers Tyler TX has to offer, and we hope you enjoy the places on this list when you move there. 

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