house for sale without a realtor

Sell Your House Without a Realtor in Texas

Selling your home takes patience and commitment. While realtors take a great deal of work out of the process, they are also expensive. Don’t be intimidated if you want to sell your house in TX for cash. With a bit of know-how, you can sell your home without a realtor in Texas in various ways.  … Continued
Texas Real Estate Market

Average Cost Of Living In Texas

Texas is a big state – the second-largest state in the United States. It is an easy thing to say, but it’s hard for many people to conceptualize. To put it into perspective, you could drive at highway speeds in Texas for eight hours and still be in Texas on the other end of your … Continued
Texas Most Expensive Home Sales

Texas Most Expensive Home Sales

Have you ever thought about moving to the Lone Star State? Maybe you want the warm weather, friendly locals, great food, and luxurious houses!  We don’t blame you. Moving here is very common among expats who want great weather all year round and plenty of indoor and outdoor things to do in their free time. … Continued
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